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Nothing For Sale. There are no ads, no adware, no spyware, no tracking cookies, no viruses, no worms. All effects are created with straight HTML, hand coded with the help of Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool (no longer available).
"Would it be better if there were more original art in your house?" OpenSourceArt consists of ways for people to have more art in their lives. The Gallery Talk discusses solutions to two obstacles, one practical and one psychological. Another psychological barrier is the ridiculous but prevalent belief that artists are failures unless they are huge commercial successes, with work in the exclusive galleries and articles in the art magazines, which means that 99.99% of all artists are failures. A corollary to that bad idea is that original art is not worth owning unless it is prohibitively expensive (and some expert has approved it). Those ideas are about marketing, not about art. OpenSourceArt offers an alternative belief: the more original art there is in one's life, the better.

"Grampa, what were you doing while they were killing the oceans?" The pictures with words on them are one attempt to answer that question. That's partly the reason they are free, the probably vain hope that they might be useful. Here's a quotation (from Robert Hunter) that might go well with a picture, "I would slave to learn a way / To sink your ship of fools."

Picture Window Pro is used for photo editing, as is Photoshop Elements.

T-Shirt transparencies. Don't forget to reverse the image before printing on the transparency (except for transparencies designed for colored t-shirts).

Cheap framing. $5 wood frame from walmart etc, put the print on top of matte board, leave a little white border 1/4" or so when trimming the picture. Print on photo type paper for best results.

Other ideas than prints and t-shirts--Walls (t-shirt transparencies ironed onto walls???---bookbags, duffel bags, etc---use the no sale logo or opensourceart logo for whatever reason or to link to opensourceart---

Defacings are other people's art with writing on them.

Full Resolution files may require some tweaking to look best on different printers. Increasing contrast, brightness, and saturation, often in that order, usually works. The printer presets like Photo or Vivid are usually a bit much.